Friday, November 28, 2008


Even as I sit to write this, my mind is eclipsed with numbness and horror to the umpteen degree.Right it is, that I am not anywhere demographically near to what is happening in Mumbai, but nonetheless I wholly share the pain and the trauma of the crisis there.
Vijay Mallya has aptly termed the terrorist crisis as the 9/11 of India. The whole world empathises with the Mumbaikars. The entire nation is shocked and grieving. I personally salute, along with my country, those heroes - the police officers who lay their lives in the fight against terrorism. I specially offer my heartiest homage to those staff of the Taj Hotel who, despite being common people, sacrificed their lives for saving their guests. They have indeed proved that the highest standards of hospitality lie not only in providing luxury and comfort which do come with a cost, but also in laying their own lives to safeguard their esteemed guests which is costless ! Besides, all the police officers, the constables and even the common ones who are handing out teacups to the officers-on-duty, are doing no mean stuff.
Even as I write this, I pledge never to feel morally and mentally subdued by the humanity-starved, psychological-deviants, ethically-deprived brutish beasts, whose sole purpose is to intimidate us with their fatalistic gimmickery.
Even as I write this, I know that all I am doing right now is offering my words, yet hoping that, sometimes words can be mightier than guns and bullets- because being a commonplace citizen,if I can feel the pangs of sorrow , will not our leaders feel the brunt and pangs all the damned MORE?


u/know/who said...

True, its actually maddening to see our fellow beings turn cannibal.For who is such downgraded who would kill a man who may be the same age as his father; who is so insensitive who would shoot at women who may be resembling his mother's age; people who kill young girls can never fall in love,people like them don't even belong to this world.They are inhuman,lesser in rank than beasts.The terrorists' gift of spreading discord and enmity is very great.We can fight it only by showing an equally strong bond of esprit de corps and trust and unity.Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.We shall never forget all those known and unknown faces whose families have been torn apart, whose lives will never be the same after this.So salute to those for whom their own lives seemed trivial compared to the rest in peril.And hats off to you bringing out the true and pure feeling of an Indian who though is quite unaffected by the horrible incident, but is still feels the pangs of helpless sorrow and the bubbling feelings of hatred against terrorism which are now surfacing in the form of your words. So sangfroid.Deo gratias!

D K Chakraverty said...

As Swami Ramdev aptly put in his reaction - We have sung enough about "shaanti", now to is time to harp about "kraanti".

It is indeed painful to realise that people who indulge in such dastardly acts and seem to treat these cowardly enactments as their journey towards heavely abode, even the Almighty like our "dynamic" leader seem to be conspicuous by their absence of divine vengeance.

oindrilla said...

what do u
suggest we shud do
take revenge ???An eye 4 an eye and the world wud be blind,but you indians are really gud at keeping the spirit high,period. great thoughts,keep writing.!!!

arundhati saha said...

its damn disgraceful to see the cleverest of all beings,humans turn into monsters and behave so inhumanly.What is really astounding is that we can still remain so calm about terrorism when the whole world seems to be plagued with it. What we need is passionate and sensitive fellow beings such as yourself, and some others to stand up and charge men with our writings.Seeing that u have a new blog!A good beginning and keep going!

Sasha said...

I liked the phrases u used- humanity -starve,ethically deprived , fatalistic gimmickery.etc. Well wat u said is d plain blunt truth of or nation today. you words expose d bitter truth of politics of today,but u said d truth nonetheless, and the truth is always bitter. Happy new year to u,and ur family, may good luck 4 2009! i hope there'll be great writings 4m u during this year.

Arundhati saha said...

Happy new year!
when will ur next piece come up dr,??