Friday, November 28, 2008


Even as I sit to write this, my mind is eclipsed with numbness and horror to the umpteen degree.Right it is, that I am not anywhere demographically near to what is happening in Mumbai, but nonetheless I wholly share the pain and the trauma of the crisis there.
Vijay Mallya has aptly termed the terrorist crisis as the 9/11 of India. The whole world empathises with the Mumbaikars. The entire nation is shocked and grieving. I personally salute, along with my country, those heroes - the police officers who lay their lives in the fight against terrorism. I specially offer my heartiest homage to those staff of the Taj Hotel who, despite being common people, sacrificed their lives for saving their guests. They have indeed proved that the highest standards of hospitality lie not only in providing luxury and comfort which do come with a cost, but also in laying their own lives to safeguard their esteemed guests which is costless ! Besides, all the police officers, the constables and even the common ones who are handing out teacups to the officers-on-duty, are doing no mean stuff.
Even as I write this, I pledge never to feel morally and mentally subdued by the humanity-starved, psychological-deviants, ethically-deprived brutish beasts, whose sole purpose is to intimidate us with their fatalistic gimmickery.
Even as I write this, I know that all I am doing right now is offering my words, yet hoping that, sometimes words can be mightier than guns and bullets- because being a commonplace citizen,if I can feel the pangs of sorrow , will not our leaders feel the brunt and pangs all the damned MORE?