Wednesday, January 21, 2009


"Ma , aajke English marks peyechhi ." ( "Ma, we got our English marks today") My son squealed from his room. It was over half an hour since he had returned from school. I was arranging the dining table for the lunch. Since their schooltimes had changed due to the winter season, I was having late lunches. By the time both my children returned home it was 2:30 p.m. and while my stomach pined for some morsels , my brain was an entangled mess which saw and heard nothing but food , food , and food .

"Ma, English marks peyechhi!" He screamed again. This time louder and sharper.
I heard him. But what I heard was the bone of contention for at least another half an hour .
" Ki, ilish maachh kheyechish?" ( "What , you ate hilsa fish?")
"Where on earth you found "ilish maachh" in this part of the season? This boy will eat from anywhere around the world but home ! "
I was quite hyper both vocally and physically. I barged into his room. Meanwhile my son was still busy with the BEN TEN posters that he had collected from different sources.
"You still have'nt changed your dress? And where did you eat that blasted 'ilish' ? Who brought it in the tiffin? Did you eat your own tiffin or has it come back untouched?"
He stood gaping at me as I took some time to gasp for breath. He seemed to have a confirmed expression on his face which stated that his mother was slowly sliding away from sanity. By now my daughter had entered the highly dramatic scene , quite incensed and effused by the prospect that 'ilish maachh' WAS indeed available during this time of the year , quite contrary to what she was told or what she had heard.
"Kothai kheli Bhai, ke enechhe tiffin e?" ( Who offered you , brother ; who brought 'ilish ' in tiffin? ) , lapping her tongue over her lips as she simply loved it.
She then turned to me and challenged me why I had kept her in the dark with such misinformation......................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At great length , my son took out his English answer paper from his bag and dangled it under my nose. "Eta peychhi" (" I got this " ).
Finally, it dawned on me that I had heard wrong . Hunger not only takes away one's energy but also one's audibility !
Moral of the story: WText Colorhen hungry , EAT: DONT WAIT FOR OTHERS TO EAT.


Arundhati saha said...

I am overwhelmed and pleasantly so, at your ability to convert a regular trivial incident to a no less important recollection of the moment which now sounds too great in itself.You have aptly brought out the beauty of life and the fact life is not made up of big moments of achievements, perennial successes,but of small incidents clubbed together whose mere remembrance can call foth a small to the face.Your piece though small(I am still awed that you can summarise the whole short span of time in so aptly chosen words) is wholesome, cherishing, and you have brought forth memories of my motherhood,along with some tears in my eyes.

Arunima said...

Thanx mom,
for retelling that long-forgotten incident in such a manner that seems simple, but demanding a subtle sensitivity.I myself would've forgotten it had you not made the attempt of writing this up. To you we've said always,but here's Arunav and myself telling to all the world-East or West our MOmma is the best!!!!

R. Saha said...

good,simple,yet wholesome, yet expectations are too much on your side. Have a happier motherhood ahead!