Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Voter's Dilemma

Some time back Devi made a comment. She said, " India is a land of past glory, present uncertainty and future mayhem." What made her make such a sorry statement is not totally unjustifiable.

We were talking about elections. The country is currently reeling under two spells. The heat spell and the election spell . Anyone and everyone who is some kind of a celebrity is jumping into canvassing and campaigning for some party or the other. But how do we , the totally confused electorate, place our votes amidst this plethora of contestants ? Will they deliver at all? I was strangely reminded of George Eliot's words , " An election is coming. Universal peace is declared, and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry."

Only during election time do we see our politicians making patriotic outbursts and rave promises . Although their credibility may stand on flimsy grounds, none shirks from giving hopes, however high, however false. The louder the claim, the more dangerous - as most of them are a pack of thugs. Some are verbally volcanic, some poetic and a few yet too downright arrogant. In skills of oratory we do have quite a handful of leaders who indeed are blessed with the gift of the gab. But the point is, how can this particular skill deliver our nation? How do we choose from this jamboree of specimens ? I for one , along with Devi, did not know a single party that was taint-free, honest, bold, firm and could steer us to our cherished idyll.

To dispense my confusion I decided to visit some sites like , , and I did a study of these sites back to back. Yet I confess I was none the least enlightened in any singular upright man. I was aware that our country had a history of promising men- but promising men with a difference. They drew a line for themselves. A line that demarcated their duty before and after elections. Before election they showed great fervour, zest and vibrance. And after the ordeal of elections was over they became like 'deceitful jades' and sunk in the trial.

I remembered some famous words again. This time Adolph Hitler's : SOONER A CAMEL WILL PASS THROUGH A NEEDLE THAN A GREAT MAN DISCOVERED THROUGH ELECTION. ( I must mention here that although I am not exactly a great fan of Hitler, this quote of his caught my imagination to a great extent ! ).

"Is election required at all ?" Devi pondered loudly. "I mean look at the amount of money that is spent. Don't you think if all the money were to be utilised in the right channels most of our problems would have been solved automatically , without any leader to boot ? How money is drained to the gutter ! " She moaned pathetically.I then told her that notwithstanding all her good intentions, election was essential in a democracy.

After some sigh, a long pause and then a frown that spread to her temple, she remarked with effort, "India is a land of past glory, present uncertainty and future mayhem."


Gargi Dutta said...

True, very true ! You have echoed my feelings.

Vasundhara said...

My dear lady you've really struck on the nail hard and how!
Amidst all this election fever,and so many turning up to vote,(and some busy snuggling iside their homes under the A.C.)despite the killing heat, I believe India will finally "awake to light and freedom".
We are really getting to see the best side of our polititians,(or perhaps the worst side is becoming more and more prominent). Amidst all this drama and melodrama,even if with baby steps, we are definitely progressing to a better state of our country.
So cheers!
your Blog is worth reading.I'm a journalist,by profession, and I'm planning to include a line from your blog in my next article in the Times,ie -"Before election they showed great fervour, zest and vibrance. And after the ordeal of elections was over they became like 'deceitful jades' and sunk in the trial."'''''''''''''''''''' Is the idea taken anywhere from the play of Julius Caesar,that we studied in our college ?
Happy blogging!!

~NaTuRo NaTaShA~ said...

You seem to evolve with ech blog that you publish. Being a Mumbaikar,and undergoing the devastation that plagued us from 26th November,I,for one, would never miss an opportunity to take part in something that would mean a safer and a better future for my kids.
I have fulfilled my duty with pride.Though elections have their own set of disadvantages, but this is one of the surest way towards change and progress.
You've conjured a nice read to suit the present election fervour.

Tania sen said...

Hey Q queen,
Long time,no blog??
Your blogs are really like chocolate for the eyes and the mind.
I guess u r busy in one of those prolonged solitude that a writer goes through in firing their imagination.
Do blog soon.

Rajeev said...

The elections are coming to an end and we are looking forward to a capable and a vibrant government with some new and young blood in it. Democracy in India has come a long way. Ya,definitely lakhs of rupees are spent behind elections and canvassing,but for the winning party, it was all worth it at the end of the day.
Nice way to summarize the essence of Indian elections.

Samath sethi said... is a nice site to visit.Shows statsistics about the turnout of first time voters in different parts of the country.
Eye-opener blog for many.

Amit said...

So d congress has won a hiwin,n v finally hav a gov of d ppl, for d ppl,n by d ppl.
- follower Amit Rathore.

~NaTuRo NaTaShA~ said...

long blog???

ZZ~Nikita~ZZ said...

So its Election time for you.Well,here's hoping you find a good leader.I never knew all that you've written about elections in India.Is its so bad?