Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It Feels Good

If you are not one of those whom God always challenges with dollops of woes ........., it feels good.

If you have never felt the urge to question God about life and death..........., it feels good.

If you never went through anguish loneliness and heartbreak............, it feels good.

If you have never seen the ugly, the decrepit, the impoverished, the insane and the morbid............, it feels good.

If you never have had dark circles under your eyes, pain in your belly or freckles on your skin..........., it feels good.

If you never had to see your loved ones suffering..........., it feels good.

But the question is, if there is no winter will the spring be as welcoming?


Rishika said...

Seems as if you've been throgh rough seas lately- writing after so long and publishing a melancholic blog. Thanks to the Global climatic upheveal, there's hardly any difference between Spring and winter.I guess so is the case wid human emotions. Environmental influence. There's no demarcation between happiness and grief.One mo you're smiling and the other you're a crying baby. They say both go hand in hand. Blah blah blah...but as they say Pain is as essential as happiness. It depends upon the viewpoint - a pinprick may cause one to scream while to another its a mere touch. Things are what we think them to be as.Your attitude is what matters. Speaking as a yogic guru, the pain always passes,the beauty remains.So is it with life. And so is it with the universe.

Sunidhi said...

Aah PAIN! The word itself sends tingles down my spine....the feel of it,so onerous. Pain helped me carry on and pain led me to know what this world and life is about.I love you Pain,you helped me discover myself.