Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Beggar's choice

I was sleeping in the train
When a beggar entered in pink,
I woke up, on hearing a noise
I thought, I heard a clink.
She looked at me with wilful eyes
Fanning away the heat,
She'd jostled past a horde of men
And stood beside my seat.

I gave the beggar a two- rupee coin
But she gave it back to me.
Alarmed I was and taken aback
By her alacrity.

I then gave her a ten- rupee note
Which she pocketed sprightly.
This made me smile and she smiled too
I asked her thus politely - ,

"You spurned my first and took my second
Was it for less and more?

Or to let me know the fact
That you're unworthy no more ?"

She was too quick to shoot at me-
( With eyes so sure and trite!)
"Coins are heavy, they're noisy too,
Notes are lighter and quiet.

"They don't bother you as you beg
Just press them in, (showing)
as such .
But coins do let the whole world know
How many I have...... how much ! "

"Slim in worth, coins tell a lot.
They draw all eyes at me
They make me feel a cheat, a crook
For all my industry.

I would have paced here up and down
Or this bag beside you kept,
Had I but notes , no jingling coins
You would have blissfully slept."


Anonymous said...

nice little poem.
but I'm not surprised.
a beggar speaking perfect English prose should deserve something more than two rupees!

Anonymous said...

you have transformed a very prosaic incident in poetry. U have made the art of writing poetry appear so very simple.

Keep up the good work!!!

roshani kaur said...

I must say that u have exemplified how art lies in cincealing art.

There indeed is beauty in simplicity

Samath sehi said...

short simple splendid and sweet.Thats what your little poem is. After all its easy to forget trivial things but really demanding to glorify a trivial thing.

Vipul Virmani said...

It sounds so simple, but After all as you rightfully said-"ART LIES IN CONCEALING ART" is working in this case as well.!!!

arundhati saha said...

Beautiful.Simple and (i dont understand how) you could fill this not-so-really-great topic with admirable sophistication.