Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Addiction of all forms is not conducive to good health.

Be it cigarrettes, tobacco, drugs........................................or blogging !!!

Since last Tuesday which was 3rd February , my p.c. was down with an attack of virus. I therefore could'nt work with anything on the computer. It was then that I realised how detrimental the virus was for both the non-living computer and for the living self. I immediately sent a call to my p.c. man to come at his earliest and fix it up. I was going bonkers looking at the dead, lifeless monitor.

The p.c man did not show up on the first day. He did'nt show up on the second day either.

On the seventh day he sent me his most courteous apologies saying he was already booked that day . But he promised to 'ddeffinittly' turn up on the following day.

BE IT THE FOLLOWING DAY ! I sent a silent prayer above.

The following day I began to wait for him as anxiously as a little child waits to open his birthday gift. I even felt so listless about his visit that I ran up to answer every doorbell . At one point, I felt strangely amused to equate my earnest jumpiness to my teenage days, as I had felt on my first date.

The whole morning he did not show himself. His mobile said, 'out of range'. My anxiousness knew no bounds when once my phone rang . The number was my p.c-man's but it was a miscall. I tried to contact him back but now his cell said, ' network busy'. I was bristling and fuming by now. I remarked sententiously how no one now-a-days was reliable.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. I scampered to reply. It was the maid. Then the bell rang again. It was the milkman. Then again..........it was the newspaperman for his bill . And again.............. When finally for the umpteenth time the bell rang , I gave up. I did not hurry to open the door. But this time it WAS my p.c. man ! He stood at the threshold with a broad grin and a look which stated , "C'mon be gratified, I kept my word."

And gratified indeed I was ! For, like a host who welcomes her most awaited guest, like a businessman who awaits to sign an important deal, like an anxious father who waits for the doctor visiting his ailing son - I hailed his visit and took him to the patient ! He said he had brought the antidote er.... the antivirus with him. I was relieved. The patient could be saved now.

It then took more than three hours for him to finally disinfect my computer .

I owe him my lavish thanks . He owes me a lavish treat. May god bless his holy soul for re-aligning me with this brainchild of Babbage! I feel like I got back my breath.



"joyshri" said...

Life springs you are very right.Addiction in any form is not conducive to health.It is equally hard to de-addict from these.Being a smoker I know it very well.I gave up smoking many times in my life.Behind all forms of addiction there must be a root cause,which if properly addressed, in my opinion can be quit.
Blogging is the lastest form of addiction for new generations , or ever older generations also those who are very tech swavy.
I have read in a article that a person's personal life is at stake because of addiction to online chatting.
bigger challanges lies with us for to save our next generations from the darker sides of technological advancements.
isn't it??????????????

u/know/who said...

Seriously,once you're addicted to something,its really difficult to live without it.Looks like you have rather a nice little addiction.This one's good,as it gives you a chance to write your mind and demonstrate your talent to the world. Thank god your p.c. man got you out of the mess you were in,now we can all hear from you again soon i think. 3 cheers!!

Anonymous said...

an afterthought......
Stop making the computer- wallah feel like a king!
Invest in a great antivirus( I seriously recommend Quichheal),and keep them nagging viruses at bay.....
We, as follwers of your blog, wouldn`t like it if your PC decides to take even a single day off ;)
Happy blogging....